Enjoy New Group Voice & Video Call Facilities on Whatsapp!

Whatsapp has been around us for almost a decade now. Starting from 2009 this messenger application has completely revolutionized the idea of communication among people. It has made communication to be much simple and easy. So it is one of the most loved applications among people ever since. Today it has taken a step forward in bringing people closer together. This includes the idea of improved Group voice & video call facilities on Whatsapp.

It is the miraculous idea of the former Yahoo employees; this groundbreaking discovery is truly a gift of modern times. This application has made it easy for people to post live updates as of status available for a limited time window of 24 hours. It helps people to get to know one another better and has surely grasped the attention of the adults without any doubt.Group voice & video call facilities on Whatsapp

Apart from the idea of texting and sharing pictures, people love more live conversations these days. This calls for the idea of the Video calls. Though such features preexist in the market, they often involve certain costs. But with the newly improved Group voice & video calling, fun is made easy and real with almost no additional cost involved.

 In addition, all it takes is to click a button and get connected to your loved ones in the middle of texting. From Facebook, the parent organization of Whatsapp, in one of its Facebook f8 developer conferences revealed that Whatsapp is sure to get its updates for group voice and video calls in the upcoming days.

They also stated that almost 2 billion people spend their time on Whatsapp voice calls every day. So they wanted to make it easy, this brings us to the group voice and video calling features.

Lively conversations!

We, people, make group calls all the time it could be of a business or any personal reasons. Regardless of the reasons the idea of conference calls makes the work much simple and easy. It avoids the unwanted burden of making individual calls to convey the ideal information to a particular group of people or to get any insight on certain specific topics. But with the modern Whatsapp group voice and video call feature, one could have a more lively conversation than ever.Group voice & video call facilities on Whatsapp

Improved Safety!

We live in the modern technological era; the need for data protection is increasingly becoming more mandate than ever. Also with all the recent data theft incidents, Facebook is sure to make a well-encrypted communication channel to its customers to earn their trust back. With the ever-increasing global audience for Whatsapp is increasing every day. So, one must ensure the encrypted communication channel via various network providers to provide a better quality of services.

How does one make the group video call? It is always as simple as making group calls. Start with One to One call first and add the additional members by clicking the “Add participant” option in the top right corner of the application.  At present, one could add only up to 4 members!

As mentioned in one of their official blog posts this feature is to be made available to IoS and Android platform users all across the globe. However, to enjoy Group voice & video call facilities on Whatsapp demands the latest version of the application. This is easy to find from the Google play store or Apple App store online.



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