Understanding Medical Tourism and Its affordability in India

Get the best world class medical treatments in affordable cost!

Every human being on this earth has the dream of standing out and gaining a better and comfortable way of life. To achieve this person works so hard and often lead agitated agendas in life. They hardly get adequate time to eat and sleep and simply forget how important their health is if they want to stay in shape and keep working and earning.

Someone rightly said “Health is Wealth” – if you are in good health, you can win in many ways, but health problems deteriorate your plan and your dreams cannot be realized. Now the cost of the treatment has skyrocketed, it is better if you stay healthy otherwise be informed beforehand where to seek the best medical care yourself of your illnesses.

The concept of traveling to distant places for health check-up is a matter discussed today as this process has significantly helped people to have good health at considerably reduced costs. This concept gave the term “medical tourism” and many Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, countries like South Africa and Australia are popularly known for medical tourism, but the strong competition with these countries is India and related industry in India. Medical tourism industry.

What Makes India More Preferable?

Yes! You read that right. Today India has become a preferred medical tourism destination for people around the world. The reasons behind this popularity are varied, which are discusses below in detail.

  • Affordable Cost

    The cost of treatment in India is much cheaper compared to the cost needed for treatment in the US, UK, and other European and Asian countries. For example, bone marrow transplantation in the US cost $250,000 and £150,000 in the UK, while the procedure with the same compatibility and success rate is made at $26,000 in India. Heart surgery and heart care cost about $200,000 in the US, which is done in India at $30,000. The gastric bypass costs $65,000 in the US and £ 34,800 in the UK, but the process is made at $9,500 in India. In addition, most health packages include airfare, hotel rates and a package to famous tourist destination in India. Is it not a good idea?


  • World Class Service Centers

    India has many corporate hospitals that are highly compatible with hospitals in the US and other developed countries. Hospitals are well equipped with sophisticated instruments, machines, and laboratories that can provide fast and accurate diagnostic and health solutions. A health official in New Delhi once said that once is the door is closed, you will find yourself in the US.


  • Qualified Health Professionals

    Indian doctors are well qualified, highly trained and most of them have experience working in the hospital in western countries. Thus, they know how to care for and offer quality medical treatments to international patients.

medical tourism in India

  • Availability of Fast Treatment

    People in countries like Canada and the UK have to find a long waiting list that for more than a year if they want hip replacement surgery and this can be very painful and tiring for patients. But the case is somewhat different in India since the patients would be in the operating room the next morning; they come to India for the process.


  • Availability of Linguistic Expert

    Imagine that you have landed in a foreign land and there is no one to understand your problem and needs and it is a dreaded nightmare for many people. But nothing will happen if you are traveling to India because you will find people who speak English in India or you can hire language specialists if you need people who know languages other than English.

Despite these major factors, a medical tourism company in India can manage affordable tourist packages and luxury hotels at affordable prices. To make your trip more memorable, you are cordially welcomed at the airport and taken to hotels or directly to the hospital in case of an emergency.

If you are looking for a health check-up, think about visiting India for the same. Due to standardisation and the ability to provide competitive health care, most Indian hospitals were consecutively accredited by the Joint Commission International. Medical treatments are highly affordable and you can strengthen yourself after treatment by visiting more desirable locations in India on the same path. Many have benefited from such tips for medical tourism in India they have wisely saved their hard-earned money, so be smart by making wise choices.



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